Day 4 – Breakfast and History (November 5, 2020)

Night 4

Little late posting today, but it’s all good. Just out side of DC now. The night wasnt the coldest or the deepest, but the slugs love to hit a ride on our equipment. Thanks to George Orfalea for letting us in to his back yard and feeding us breakfast. George is an english professor here and has been doing research into little league. We ran into him on our way through day one at a sunoco. So breakfast came with some stories and personal history lessons to start the day. Check out his book on his fathers lost battalion of paratroopers.

The ride through MD to this point has been kind. Steady rolling hills with no climbs over 300 feet. As we continues on our path we are perfecting out kits and gauging our muscles. Body fat is vanishing as foretold by Lawrence Flint, so some dark greens, rice, and lamb made everything feels much better today.

Now we are in for an easy day of touring DC recovery, and resupply before hitting the trail tomorrow. Then we pick up the pace on the Atlantic coast trail.

70 degrees and light clouds.

It’s gonna be a good one.

See you soon.

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