Day 2 – Road to Washington DC (November 3, 2020)

Night 2

There is something strange that happens to your body after riding though cold mornings, hot sunny days, and climbing the biggest hill of the day in the chilly evening. You just get hit with cold shivers and and heat waves over and over. You get out of the shower and you are burning like a furnace. A warm bed is almost too much, but so comfortable. If anything, not having to worry about setting up and tearing down the full kit is the best gift. The pizza and beer made watching the election that much more fun. With that…

We got to stay with David and Louisa Stone’s granddaughter Alex Stone and her partner Paul! Paul’s pizza… so good that I wouldn’t be surprised to see that as a restaurant name in the future. Couldn’t ask for better hosts.

Today we ride for the border and say goodbye to route J as well as Pennsylvania. Time for a few days of the NCRR trail all the way to the start of the adventure cycling route in Maryland. We’ll see DC live in just a few days.

Here’s to warmer weather and a Capitol in chaos. Cheers.

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